Affiliate program with Aviasales

What the point?

By clicking on advertising under the article, you get to the site aviasales. There are you will find a tickets directly from the place where you are in the city, about which you read.
The site remembers you and if within 30 days you buy a ticket for any flight, aviasales will transfer a percentage of your purchase to us. The price you paid for the ticket is not getting bigger. That's the magic :)
And if during the same 30 days you simply go to the website again, the counter is updated and you will have another 30 days and so an infinite number of times.

On many sites you can see the affiliate advertising. It catches the eye, it seems inappropriate and not accurate. At us differently.

Our advantages

  • Advertising always in right place. It says about the city described in article.
  • Looks pretty, every city have an individual image and text.
  • Good fits to website design.
  • We giving a money to authors of articles.
  • Authors can opt-out showing advertising in articles.

Banners example

How to split the money?

Share will be proportionately. 50% of the total amount will be postponed for the further development of the project, prizes in competitions and other bonuses.
            The remaining 50% divided between authors, participating in the program.
            We take a number of readings of all articles with advertising and denote it as a 100% share of further distinguish each author.
            Example: advertisement was shown 10000 times.
            The author have 10 articles and every article have 100 readings.
            It turns its share of 10%, so he will get 10% of all money, distributed between the authors of the affiliate.

How to participate?

To join our affiliate program you need:
             Being the author on Wanderound (fill out a profile and write an article)
             Have a check agreement on advertising in your articles (put in the settings the author)
             Put city tag on the article (where appropriate), so that the program involved only articles with city tag.

Any questions?

Questions, wishes, advices you can send at