I have long wanted to try a trip on a yacht, as it is not provided opportunities. Finally it came together to organize, plan time and budget. My wife and I have never regretted that we went into this enterprise. I remember it was very warm and funny. Spaniards do not know their happiness. The climate on the islands is very favorable.

A pleasant trip on a yacht in January through the Canary Islands.For two weeks visited the islands of Tenerife, La Gomera and La Palma.Last days there was a strong wind, therefore we as beginners, could not visit Gran Canaria.

Tenerife. Radazul. Puerto Deportivo.

In the town of Radazul there is a yacht harbor - Puerto Deportivo. This location is the starting point for most boaters starting their voyage. Here is a large fleet of yachts for rent from the company Alboran.

Tenerife. San Miguel.

So on January 7, we made the first trip on a yacht from Puerto Deportivo Radazul to the bay of San Miguel, which is located in the south of the same island of Tenerife. It was a test transition. 

We spent the night in San Miguel and the whole next day went from Tenerife to the island of La Gomera.

La Gomera.

La Gomera. Santiago.

La Gomera La Gomera
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