Greece. Karpathos. Saria island. Palatia & Alimounda beaches

03 Mar 2019

From the north to the island Karpathos closely adjoins the small island of Saria. Today it is uninhabited. The inhabitants of Diafani keep beehives and goat grazing on the island. 

Abandoned homes and the church sell the local landscape a romantic flavor. The island can be reached by boat from Diafani or directly from Pigadia (Kapratos). We bought a tour for the whole day, it cost about 30 euros per person.

 It was a German tour. Das is fintastish natyurlich.

Palatia beach

We stopped first in the beach of Palatia. The guide said - everyone followed me - and swam into some kind of gap in the rock and swam for some time at some caves - and swam out through another gap.

Alimounda beach

In the afternoon, we made a small transition and anchored in Alimounda. This place is easy to find out - there has been a large, dry, gnarled tree on the beach for many years. 

The trip is good - swimming was excellent, the beaches are pebbly, no sand, plus food included in the price. Five stars. You will not be sorry.

Like it? Put up a tent!


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