Greece. Karpathos.South beaches: Amoopi, Vatsalaki and Diakoftis

22 Mar 2019

The beaches in the south of the island are sandy. Mu had time to swim on the beaches of Amoopi, Vatsalaki and Diakoftis. We are lovers of sandy beaches, so we really liked the southern part of the island - especially the beach Big Amoopi.

Amoopi & Vatsalaki

Big Amoopi



As a landmark, there is a church on the shore, on the right are several sandy beaches: Pera Ammos Beach, Big Amoopi Beach and Amoopi Beach. To the left of the church is Vatsalaki beach, it is absolutely pebbly. If you want sand - go to the right, you want pebbles, go 200 meters, you have pebbles.


Diakoftis Beach is located at the very south of the island and in the neighborhood of the airport fence for reference.

Like it? Put up a tent!


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