Greece. Karpathos. Apella beach

28 Feb 2019

We continue our series about the beaches of the island. Explore the beaches, moving north along the eastern part. The farther north, the more pebbles and less sand.

Apella - We didn’t like the beach. Problems begin immediately with a place for the car. We were on Karpathos in late August - early September. You can imagine what is going on here in July. Parking is very very problematic. The beach itself is very open - the wind is constantly blowing. Well, pebbles. Who loves sand, so there is nothing to do at all. The beach is located near the town of Karpathos - 19 kilometers (33 minutes by car). There is a restaurant. In general, you can come here once - look and never come back. And why - because there are plenty of other beaches for every taste. 

Or maybe someone Apella just like I can.

Like it? Put up a tent!


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