My first experience of work and live in tropical countries

05 Dec 2014

I want to tell you my story. It is about my first meeting with tropical countries. This article begins a story of my travel to Thailand as a digital nomad.

Actually, i did not know this words "digital nomad" in that moment, i did not know many things so i had to learn all of this by myself.


So i had the distance job and i decided to work in some different place. I spend to many years in Siberia and wad ready to try something new!

It was different options to choose place to go, but i had some pros for one - i've never been in tropical counties, i've never seen a sea with my own eyes. So i choose a Thailand as my first work and live experience country.

I picked a place with a best conditions for living - Phuket. It is an island but it is not isolated. Many people came here for work and live so i have enough information about this place. And i found co-working where i can stay. It was perfect - work and live in the same place, communicate with other people like me and so on.

So i bought a tickets and tell my employer that i made a decision move to Thailand.

I read some information about the Thailand and Phuket, but still have no idea how it will be. It is really hard to imagine, and no matter how you trying, the real will be different.

The Thailand

I flew in 3rd of march. In Siberia we have deep deep snow and something like -30°C. My plane landed in the Bangkok, here it was a +30°C. Amazing feelings i've never felt it before because in Siberia is very low humidity and our +30°C is really can kill you.

And everything around me was in some other languages - english and thai. For someone which never been abroad it is really impress and new thing. So, i've waited for my next plane and go to the Phuket.

The island

I'd landed evening near the 6PM. It was almost sunset, but i did not know, because i've never seen such fast sunsets.

I just walk by the street and ask for some buses. It was not work time but one of the minibuses lift me to the south of the island. This island really big, in my mind it was smaller.

I'm arrived to the coworking i've contacted before and stay in they place.

The work

I just worked every day as usually. My friends told me "it is impossible to work in warm place" but it was not about me, i feel great in tropical conditions. And i have no super-lazy effect because my i was interested in my job.

Living in such place like an hostel and co-working is really best thing for doing your job. Because you have no problems with any paper-work about bills, you are free to choose your schedule, you did not lose any time to transportation, you are not worried about cleaning your living and working area. All of this things give you a great advance in time management.

Also you have every day inspiration by communicating with other people like you.

The people

The place i stayed was not only for guys who want to work, also it was a hostel, and many people came for a few days. It was travellers, hitchhikers, expats. Every one have a story and open to share it with other, so i had to listen many interesting situations and experience. I've never travel like they do, so it was very interesting and new.

After a two months i was inspired enough to make something unusual - i decided to try hitchhike. Without experience, for a long distance, in a foreign country, crossing four different countries.

I wanted to go back to Russia, it was some counties between me and homeland.

Like it? Put up a tent!
 05 Dec 2014


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