I have to tell you about myself. Because i started to write this blog for my russian friends and have no information about me in english.

About me

My name is Konstantin. I was born and grow up in Siberia, Tomsk city. This is in Russia. Yes, i'm russian, so english is not my native language, i hope you understand it.

So it was 24'th year of my life and I was never been near the sea. It is clearly real for russian guys in Siberia because my family was not rich and soviet mindset was not learn us to travel. It is looks like when you are growing and the adults near you never told you about adventures, travels, hitchhiking and anything like this.

I was dream about all of this things - because i had an internet and was able to learn about it by myself.

I decided to change my life and work hard to make it real.

Instead of drinking beer with friends and playing computer games after my job I started to study programming stuff - it was easiest way to start with web development.

After a few months i quit my previous job (sales) and go to the web development as a junior. I had no education related to this job, but it was not really matter for anyone - I was able to solve an issues.

In this very moment I understand one thing - it is really useless to study something by yourself, best way is a getting job as soon as possible and learn the things step by step. It is stressful way, but it is much better then studying something for years and years.

After some more time I had an job of my dream and was able to work without office. Distant job was my goal from the my first step on the coding path.

And I decided to work in some different place. I'd spend so many years in Siberia and was ready to try something new!

Like it? Put up a tent!


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